Regular Office Visits

The American Dental Association recommends that you and your child visit the dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine dental cleanings; we would love to see you at this frequency to help ensure excellent oral health!

When performing checkups and oral cancer exams, Dr. Drake can spot signs that could indicate serious health problems elsewhere in the body that need attention. More than 120 diseases can cause specific signs and symptoms in and around the mouth and jaw.

Checkups allow us to keep up with changes to your child’s health status. Upon learning of developed medical conditions or new treatments, Dr. Emily Drake can recommend strategies to help your family proactively counter the negative effects the conditions and treatments would otherwise have on your child’s oral health.

Preventive checkups provide opportunities to identify and intervene early in dental diseases. This can help reduce pain as well as the costs associated with more severe forms of dental diseases.

When it’s time for your next dental appointment, please call (816)-622-2000, and our office team will be ready to help you schedule an appointment.